Overlook at Sunset Point Reviews

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My husband and I have been living here for a little over a year and have had a great experience! We started out in a Studio but after our first lease was about to end, we wanted to transfer to a 1 Bedroom‚?? and management was incredibly helpful in making the transition smooth and easy for us and were also very patient and prompt in answering our millions of questions about the process! :) We‚??ve rarely had a problem with the apartments, but when we‚??ve had small issues (like a light going out) maintenance has always been quick to fix the issue. And I don‚??t think I‚??ve ever seen them without a smile on their face. A great team of people all around!

I lived at Overlook over the summer during my internship in Clearfield. I‚??ve made what I think is a pretty extensive pro/con list that I‚??ve left below. Overall, not a bad experience but definitely pretty pricey for what you get. PROS: -Customer service was fine for me, but it seems like this generally wasn‚??t the case for most residents. The only probably I had was if sometimes need to call multiple times before they‚??d pick up the phone -Maintenance staff timely and very friendly -Very nice gyms and ‚??clubhouse‚?Ě building -The grounds were tended to very well -Apartment was clean and newly painted when I arrived -Linoleum ‚??hardwood‚?Ě floors instead of carpet CONS: -Old appliances that don‚??t work well -Hot water runs out immediately -Dryers don‚??t dry clothes in one cycle -Dryers and washers are also super small and each cost $1.50 to use. Laundry days would regularly cost me $12 just to do one week‚??s worth of laundry -Hot tub jets usually don‚??t work -People ignore no smoking by pool rules -No designated parking even though you pay for a spot -Force you to get cable -Thin walls and floors. Our downstairs neighbors said they could hear every footstep we took. -Rent quotes change on a daily basis -Overpriced. I pay $830 for a 375 sq. Foot studio apartment. Luckily I‚??m on the second floor and it has raised ceilings, this is not the case for people on the first floor. I can imagine feeling unbearably cramped and claustrophobic if I lived on the first floor with how short the ceilings are. -Window AC unit would frequently shut off in the middle of the night and the apartment would get really hot -Second floor studio apartments have skylights that don‚??t come with any window coverings. Expect your apartment to be completely lit by 6:30 every single morning unless you buy and install your own blinds/curtains -There‚??s no way to shut off the super bright porch lights right outside your door and window. This can lead to bugs getting in your apartment when coming and going at night time because they‚??ll be waiting right outside your door.

I had a good experience living here from the ladies in the office to the maintenance staff taking care of any issues that arose. I moved to another property owned by Mission Rock in Cottonwood Heights because of work and the transition was smooth and professional. Upon moving out I left my apartment spotless and was given my entire deposit back within a week, Thanks!

The Overlook at Sunset Point Apartments have been good to me. Everyone I've run into inside the complex has been friendly, especially the staff. The staff listen to questions/ concerns, and are fairly quick to answer or help out.

I moved out of my folk's home around a year and a half ago due to college and monetary issues, when I found a job and decided to move down from Idaho, this place was practically calling my name. Affordable rent, old but clean apartments and a quick, responsive, and very friendly maintenance staff. As for the Management staff, they can come off as cold or blunt, but I can only attribute that to dealing with ill-tempered tenants in the past. That being said, they are willing to help and are understanding more often than not. All in all, I would gladly call this an excellent first apartment if you go in with all your ducks in a row! Thanks so much for being here!

LOVED moving in. We had a couple computer issues but they were so helpful! And my apartment is so adorable!! ‚̧ԳŹ
I really like walking around these apartments. The tree and birds are my favorite part. Most people obey the rules and are willing to help clean up around the place. Birds sing in morning I only with there were more trees around the dog park! (And that it didn‚??t flood ;)

Over priced but great atmosphere

Apartments are small but seeing how the complex used to be a senior living complex it's understandable. There are a lot of amenities and the grounds keeping is beautiful. It has a pool, small gym and a dog park. Plenty of walking area for furbabies and has waste stations for when your little ones decide to go... really really little ones I hope. This is not a place for big dogs.

Beautiful grounds that are well maintained. Maintenance is here 7 days a week and are a super group of hard working folks. The crew in the office are customer oriented, helpful and timely. The club house is clean and maintained. The club house includes a rec-room, work out and weight lifting equipment, and a handball court. The swimming pool and hot tub are again, clean and maintained. Lots of friendly neighbors... Just a wonderful and pleasant place to live. KCobb Current Resident

My son lives here and I handle all his business due to his disabilities. The manager Cindy is awesome as well as her office staff and fantastic maintenance crew. I read alot of complaints about thin walls/noise... (pssst just so you know these are apartments and were built awhile ago, not last year) and how the laundry machines are a little spendy (pssst, sometimes you have to pay for convenience, or you could pack them into your car and take them to your local laundromat where you don't have the convenience of a well maintained gym...or community center... or pool area while your laundry is being done). I just want to say... Great job Overlook Team! My son loves it there and plans to stay there for a while!

I would recommend to live here. I live here currently and I love my place on the bottom floor. Close to everything, Walmart, my bank, every kind of food you could think of. The staff is great and I love my neighbors. The only complaint I have is that the hot tub isn't hot enough but they only do that so kids can sit in it too which is nice when I have family over. My neighbors all have pets but I have not once herd a bark. Very satisfied. If you come in to get a place mention my name as a reference!!! (Shayla Giles)